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Developing Strategy
      The developing strategy of our company is cored by depending on improving management continuously, making technology progress, acquiring competitive advantages in production cost and quality, thus to achieve our development targets during Twelfth Five-year Plan.  
        To intensify our monitoring capacity to subordinate enterprises through our information control platform. To utilize general information management system to realize the information to be interactive and shared. To optimize the allocation of resources, accelerate enterprise response speed on changes of market and the enterprise internal resource situation. To improve our application ability of enterprise informationization. To Promote amalgamation of enterprise informationization and industrialization.
        To deepen performance and precise management. To perfect the management of each business activities. To actively guide the managers at different levels to care more about bringing down production cost, improving efficiency of labor, strengthening marketing capacity and supplying ability, enhancing the degree of customer satisfaction, perfecting efficiency of fund utilization.
        Establishing internal control transaction according to the requirements by<< The enterprise internal control  mechanism system basic norms>> to improve our risk prevention ability and form up mutual restraint& supervision mechanism on the aspects of management structures, organization structuring, rights and liabilities distribution and business process, thus, to strength enterprise sustainable development ability. We should increase the force on economic check and audit supervision, set up the construction of prevention and punishment system which suits for our enterprise, thus, to carry forward the healthy atmosphere and to be combating corruption and building a clean enterprise.
Technology Strategy
        1.To build scientific technology management system
        We should improve our understanding, believe that science and technology are the primary productive forces, probe constantly and actively to set up the enterprise technology management systems. To put assorted responsibility, power, benefit technology management system led by chief engineer on trail in the whole company. To empower the chief engineer sufficient power on setting up DSTO, appointing and dismissing of the technical staff, rewards, punishment and further education, process improvement, deprecating of the quality, usage of cost of scientific research and foreign science and technology communication. To reasonably distribute R&D resources of the enterprise, to coordinate with engineers work on production line and focusing on research.

  2.To strengthen the further education to research specialist staff
        The main ways of emphasizing to educate research specialist staff includes: firstly, to build a skillful technical talents team though various styles of enterprise internal training or other further education, thus, to establish extensive mass base for enterprises for independent innovation, continuously improve enterprise technology innovation ability. Secondly, to build a professional research talent team, and gradually form up the core strength of the enterprise internal indigenous innovation.

  3.To increase the technical innovation and the development of new products
        Strengthening the base of technology innovation and capacity building, improving self-directed innovation consciousness, enhance the ability of independent innovation. Taking enterprise as the mainstay, to formulate and implement incentive the independent innovation of each policy, give full play to the enterprise internal various technical research and development institutions, and to give full play to the role of the enthusiasm of researchers. To strengthen the same industry at home and abroad, and all kinds of scientific research institutions and universities communication cooperation, the establishment of combination of production technology innovation system. To make more efforts to introduce technology. Do independent innovation and technology import combined

  4.To Pay attention to technology achievements protection
        Making enterprise intellectual property management system, thus to make the business enterprise gradually become create and protect intellectual property rights. Promoting the implementation of the main enterprise form the core competitive power, with independent intellectual property rights and name brands. To formulate the reward system of intellectual property rights. To encourage employees to apply for a patent and the implementation of intellectual property protection and the use of patent. To greatly improve the quantity and quality of patent of our own.
Strategy of Finance
        To carry out the comprehensive budget management, controlling the cost. To improve the management of the company cost management level, and improve the operational efficiency with the core of Budget management profit target, including profit target, target business income, production cost, cash flow target, etc

        To establish budget management committee in charge of examination and approval, the company, department's annual and monthly budget, and according to the budget, reasonable arrange capital investment and financing plan; To clear up the budget management program according to the principle of "to classify compilation and summarize by different level " make monthly, yearly budget plan; To carry out combination of process control and result control. To control management process, and the implementation of business activities and results through the all business activities in overall planning budget period.

        Make the comprehensive budget management, improve the system of budget management directive, promote the implementation of the budget management; Establish decomposition budget management system, will budget management goals down into every company, every department, every link, the post and formed an all-round budget management system; Improve the management of the budget enforcement, establish budget management responsibility enforcement system, distinguish responsibility, strengthen implement, set up the comprehensive budget management authority.
Brand Strategy
        We are molding the brands image of Zonre surrounded by “China city of electric heating” title. We are making great effort to mold our enterprise image of producing high-end machinery products on China machinery market master lined by the brands of electric heaters, water treatment equipments,