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"Made in China" emergency power equipment, expand overseas markets
Category: Industry News    2011-9-3   Views: [876]

Power construction and electrical equipment companies increase overseas orders, to a certain extent, the judge confirmed the market, and overseas markets is the major power equipment manufacturers an important development. Whether it is the host power generation equipment manufacturers, or with technical and cost advantages of strength and power station auxiliary power transmission business, the next few years the export business or expanding overseas production are cause for concern.

    It is said that the three major power generation equipment Group Shanghai Electric Group, Dongfang Electric Corporation, Harbin Power Equipment Group and China National Technical Import and Export Corporation have jointly with Indonesia's state power company initialed a memorandum, the content is within the 36 months Indonesia to build 10 million kilowatts thermal power projects, the total amount of 70 billion U.S. dollars, a formal contract will be signed in August.

    In fact, recent reports of domestic enterprises overseas orders the news does not stop there, but very large project in Indonesia has attracted more attention. Such as the China National Machinery Equipment Import & Export Corporation of Malaysia this year were given wooden card 2 × 13.5 万 千瓦 power plant, power station and Sri Lanka, Sarawak General Ta Lamu 300,000 kilowatts power plant EPC contract for three thermal power plants and other power engineering companies have a lot of harvest. It is usually to provide export credit support Chinese enterprises Export-Import Bank of China said that the recent power plant project is tracking the total amount of over $ 2 billion. In these projects, engineering design, procurement of equipment are based on domestic enterprises.

    Project from the situation in Indonesia, there are several points worth noting: First, the domestic power equipment business and technical strength is extremely obvious price advantage, the domestic enterprises 600,000 kilowatts and 300,000 kilowatts of thermal power production technology is very mature, there is no technical obstacles. Secondly, the equipment companies, the profitability of foreign orders may be higher than domestic.

    Currently, overseas export trend is clearly enhanced the power generation equipment manufacturers host, but a broader perspective, with the technical strength and cost advantages of power transmission and power plant auxiliary enterprises such as TBEA, Ha Kongdiao, NARI, Tianwei change and several companies have strengths in this area, the next few years the export business or expanding overseas production are cause for concern.