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Mixed-Bed Exchanger,cation anion exchanger

    People can't live or process with industrial production without water.Due to the characteristics of great liquidity and strong dissolving power ,natural water is easy to dissolve various inorganic substance when it meets stratal rock,the soil and the air.
Ion exchange process water treatment is of most economic and advanced method,no matter used for softening of boiler feed water or manufacturing desalted water,pure water,ultra pure water.
The Anion exchangers produced by our company are used for manufacturing second lever desalted water.The finished-water is treated by strong alkali resin layer mixed and filled in certain proportion when the raw water flows towards underside.
      The equipment is mainly used in boiler,thermal power station,chemical,textile,medicine,biology,electron,atomic energy and preprocessing of pure water,water soften-treatment for industrial production use, deionized water manufacturing,recovering of chemical raw material industry,etc.
Equipment characteristic
1.Continuous water supply,double tank equiped,one for preparation,one for use,never judges in supplying water.
2.high quality yieidingwater with normal PH value.
3.Less influences quality of yieldingwater,shorter time needed to recover to the water quality before canceling operation.
4.Recovery rate can be 100%
5.High degree of automation,no specially-assigned worker needed to operate the equipment..
6.Low operating cost:Equiped with resin catcher,thus it can avoid resin flowing out through water outlet port. When the resin is saturated,backwashing should be taking before ion exchanging,the service life of resin can reach to 2 years,thus to save production cost for customers.(the service life of resin depends on the quality of inflowing water).