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Water Separator

Water Collector
Water collector is a piece of equipment, which collects multiple paths of water inflow together into one outflow via a vessel. Several branch pipes are involved in the equipment, including return water branch pipe and water supply branch pipe, most of which are DN350-DN1500 pipes, made from carbon steel or stainless steel. Water collector production belongs to the specialized production of pressure vessels, requiring the installation of pressure gauge and thermometer. The water in the main pipe is distributed into branch pipes according to their respective demand, so that the volume of flow in each branch pipe meets the respective load demand, then, the water in branch pipes is collected and sent back to the main return pipe, thus realizing the circulation of water. Better energy-saving effect is achieved through water reuse, meanwhile, both heat supply and refrigeration requirements are fulfilled. This product is applicable to boilers, central air conditioners, industrial circulation cooling water systems and hot-water systems.
Various types of water separators and water collectors can be customized.