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  Horizontal Angle-Through Dirt Separator
Horizontal angle-through dirt separator is used to clear away and filter out impurities and dirt in pipes, so as to ensure cleanliness of water in relevant systems, reduce resistance, and prevent the pipes from being blocked. Horizontal angle-through dirt separator is featured by low resistance, light weight, and convenient installation and debugging, etc., especially, quick and convenient draining. The separator is able to operate without stopping, and the filter screen can be backwashed. It is suitable for continuously running systems and is applicable to heating systems of industrial and civil buildings.
Structural Characteristics and Working Principle:
Horizontal angle-through dirt separator is constituted by a filter screen, a valve, a cylinder and a blow-down apparatus. The filter screen and cylinder can be made from either carbon steel or stainless steel, in accordance with customer requirements, flanges are made from carbon steel, with smooth and bright surfaces, the valve is mainly used to change the flow direction of media in the dirt separator, besides, asbestos board and rubber are used, guaranteeing excellent sealing performance
When the dirt separator works, the valve is open, media enter into the dirt separator through the inlet, when the impurities are to be eliminated, close the valve, the media will change their flow direction via the valve plate after being filtered by the filter screen, and then pass through the filter screen again from the opposite direction, finally, open the blow down valve to clear away the impurities. During the whole process, the equipment runs continuously without stopping.
Technical Characteristics and Installation Dimensions:
Design parameters of horizontal angle-through dirt separator:
Design pressure: 1.6MPa,
Design temperature: 150 degrees C,
Resistance: <0.025MPa,
Filter mesh size: d=3mm
Circulation area of filter screen is four times the area of inlet pipe, if special specifications are required, please clarify it when placing an order.