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Horizontal Straight-Through Dirt Separator

  Horizontal straight-through dirt separator is composed of a filter, a diversion valve, a filter screen, and a drain outlet. After water to be treated enters into the filter through the inlet, impurities therein will be filtered out onto the stainless steel filter screen, when impurities accumulate to a certain extent, and the pressure difference between the outside and inside of the screen reaches the set value (<=0.05MPa), open the blow-down valve and close the diversion valve, to eliminate the dirt and impurities.

Characteristics of Horizontal Straight-Through Dirt Separator:

1. Under full flow conditions, the filter operates normally and discharge water continuously, which not only guarantees high flow rates and low pressure fall, but also avoids blemish surface caused by low flow rate,
  2. The product is installed directly on the pipe network system, not requiring any supporting structure, that is, space-saving,
  3. Convenient installation, the user only needs to connect it to the pipeline of the system needing to be treated,
  4. No by-pass pipes are required, no disassembly is needed for impurities removal,
5. Filtering operation will not be affected during cleaning.