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Electric Air Duct Heater

Air Duct Heater is mainly used to heat up the air in the airduct,can be classified into three types by high temperature,medium temperature,low temperature.The common ground on the structure is adopting steel plate to support the heating tube,in the purpose of decrease the shake of the heating tube when the fan stops.overtemperature controller is installed in the Junction Box.The low temperature type air duct heater can be directly installed on the airduct,Due to the differences from the structure,the medium temperature type and high temperature type electric air heater has a 100mm thick thermal insulation material layer between the duct exine and the Junction Box clamp,not only to decrease the whole duct external heat dissipation,but also bring down the temperature in the junction box.
1.Heating tube adopts outer coiled ripple-type SS belt,which enlarges the heat dissipation area,thus,it greatly improves the Heat exchange efficiency.
  2.Professional design,low wind resistance,uniform heating,no high temperature or low temperature blind angle.
  3.Duplex protection,good safety performance.Temperature controller and fuse protector are installed,which can be used for controlling the heater operates normally under the condition of overtemperature and without wind,thus,to guarantee  Not a single miss in a ten thousand times.