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Anchor type Agitator

Customers may choose corresponding gate type agitators, according to the physical and chemical properties of media, and the capacity and purpose of agitation. This product plays a part in promoting chemical reactions and improving production efficiency. Gate type agitator is usually used for agitation of mushy state materials. Agitating speed should be 60-130r/min.

Gate type agitator can be regarded as a variant of paddle agitator, with firm structure and large capacity. If the shape of the bottom of a gate type agitator is similar to the shape of reactor lower head, such agitator is usually called anchor agitator. Diameter of gate type agitator is generally 2/3-9/10 the inner diameter of a reactor, 50-70r/min. The space between a gate type agitator and the reactor wall is small, which is propitious to heat transfer. During quick rotation, the quiescent layer will be brought down from the reactor wall by the liquids driven by the agitator blade, during slow rotation, agitators with scraper blades have better heat conduction performance. Such agitators are usually used for heat transfer, crystallization, and agitation of high viscosity liquids, high concentration slurry, and settling slurry.