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Portable agitator mixer

Portable Agitator Mixer

    Portable agitator mixer is a new advanced agitating device, which reduces production cost and improves product quality. We strive to provide ideal agitators for customers through continuous research and develop. Your desired agitators will be designed and manufactured based on the technological parameters, process parameters, and agitation and blending requirements provided. It may achieve ideal blending effects when equipped with domestic or foreign famous motor, decelerator, couplers, mechanical seal, and agitator arm, as well as various ordinary pressure and pressurized containers and reactors. The product is manufactured in strict accordance with relevant national standards and engineering specifications.

  A unique vice is used, which can be directly installed at the top edge of an open slot.
During operation, the mixer shaft deviates from the center of the slot and forms an angle with the vertical direction.
The included angle between the mixer shaft and the vertical direction is 5degree to 20 degree. Therefore, according to Rushton's theory, the phenomenon of thrashing or local dead zone will not happen, even when no baffle plate is installed in the slot; the travelling agitator has high agitating efficiency.
The product is small, light, and portable, with simple structure.     
Application Scope of Portable Agitator Mixer

Food industry--cream, chocolate, milk, soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, mayonnaise, and fruit juice, etc.
Coating industry--ink, oil paint
Chemical industry---cosmetics, skin milk, etc.  
Dyeing industry---dye, titanium oxide, and viscose  
Pharmaceutical industry---medicine, pesticides, and drugs  
Sewage treatment---sanitary wastewater, industrial sewage, and aluminium sulfate, etc.
Brewing industry---Shaoxing rice wine (Old Wine), whiskey, unfiltered soy sauce, and beer
Water treatment plant---tap water, industrial water 
Petroleum industry---crude oil, gasoline, asphalt, pitch, methanol, benzene, and toluene
Others---dissolution, blending, heat transfer, dispersion, absorption, prevention of precipitation, reaction, dilution, emulsification, suspension, and crystallization, etc.