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steel lined with plastic Mixing Tank

   Steel Mixing Tank lined with plastic(steel,wire netting,plastic,triple layer)is the quintessence of steel-plastic composite adopts special rotational molding processing.We connect the steel mesh on the tank surface by welding,use high purity PE as the raw material to organically combine the steel plate,steel mesh,PE by rotational molding processing
    PE fast strongly adheres on the steel surface.Storage Tank plastic layer is featured by no solder joint,no leakage,avirulent,anti-aging,shock-proof,unattacked,long life,meeting health standard requirements,etc.It has recovered the shortcoming of the full-plastic tanks,such as bad rigid intensity,not compression,less heat resistance,etc.Comparing to traditional glassed steel reaction tank,SS reaction tank,FRP mixing tank,our Mixing tank has the advantages of good corrosion resistance,no-leakage,non-peeling,resistant to wear,overpressure resistant,long life,etc.
Our unattacked mixing tank is lower priced comparing to the other mixing tanks of the same specifications,thus it will be a good choice to order our mixing tanks.
    Vertical steel mixing tanks lined with plastic and round/awl shaped vertical steel lined with plastic mixing tanks are all welded with steel supports.These tanks are characterized by easy-installation,small area covered,customer-shaped,viscous and particle-shaped fluidized liquid are acceptable in the tank bottom.The tank also can be internal equiped with ss&plastic tubes,which can be used to heat up or cool down the liquid. This Tank can be used as reaction tank,depositing tank,crystallizing tank,which not high temperature-required.
Our Steel lined with plastic Mixing Tanks are very lower priced comparing to glass lined reaction tanks of the same specifications.