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Electric Heating Mixing Tank


Electric Mixing Tank are also called liquid agitator tank,which has an extensive use in coating, pharmaceutical, building materials, chemical,pigment,resin,food,scientific research industry,etc
Stainless steel and carbon steel material are adoptable are adoptable according to different production requirements.Heating and cooling device are equiped to satisfy different production process.The heating form can be jacketed heating or by coiled heater.The equipment is characterized by professional design,advanced craftsmanship ,durable in use,large heating area,high thermal efficiency,uniform heating,short material boiling time,easy heating temperature controlling,etc.It is an ideal chemical device, with low investment and high return.
Electric Heating Mixing Tank is constructed by top-open type,with the advantages of  automatic temperature control,heat preservation,mixing function,rapid heat transfer,adapting to large temperature range,convenient cleaning
etc.It is extensively used in Food(milk),pharmacy,cosmetic,drink,oil,chemical industry ,etc with the functions of heating,mixing or sterilizing,especially used for experimentions by company or scientific research institution withour steam heat source.The fully closed structure is adopted according process requirements.
Main technologies and structural performances:
  2.heating form:it adopts heating tubes,inserting into the jacket,to achieve uniform heating,heat transfer oil or water is injected into the jacket as the heating media,thus,the thermal energy is generated to heat the meateril in the tank.。
  3.material heating temperature:≤100degrees C,material heating time:30min-90min(according to the production requirements)  
4.temperature control:it adopts thermocouple and temperature controller to measure and control the temperature,it also can adjust the material temperature up and down.
  5、Tank:interal surface are treated by polishing,roughness Ra<=0.4Pm. cover:With two easy-open removablecover,convenient to wash,interal surface are treated by polishing,roughness Ra<=0.4Pm.
  7.Bottom tank structure:R angle is formed by metal spinning,no dead space remains after welding,polishing,and no material leaves after releases.
  8.Jacket type:fully jacketed,used for injecting into heat transfer oil or water,to achieve the purpose of best warming up  and cooling down during working time.
  9.heat insulating material:it adopts filling pearl cotton,rock wool or polyurethane foaming to keep the temperature range from outside,thus,to achieve the heat insulation and heat preservation purpose.
  10.The shell surface treatment method:mirror polish ,2B primary colors inferior smooth or 2 B grinding surface inferior smooth processing
  11、Agitator:coping centre agitating,lapped joint is adopts to connect speed reducer output shaft and mixing paddle shaft,thus,it's easy to destuff and wash. 
  12、Mixing RPM:15-120r/min(constant speed),agitator type:gate type,anchor type,paddle type,turbine type (according to the production requirements)
13.supporting foot type: :Round tube type of hanging lug type.
  14 Device configuration:electric control box,temperature controller,liquid material import&export,oil import&export,oil spill hole,etc.
  15.material:inner tank:SUS304 or SUS316L,Jacket:Q235-B or SUS304,outer protection shells:SUS304.
  16.Flanging process arc transition is adopted for each import&export pipe orifice and inner tank welding,which makes our products be speciosity specious and easy to wash.